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Building is the cornerstone of Planet Nomads. Use powerful generators or batteries paired with solar panels to power scouting buggies or armored transporters equipped with mining tools. Outfit vehicles and structures with weaponry. Design functional masterpieces and make them unique using the full color palette and decorative building blocks.  A building preview is available at the Official Website .


The players area of exploration will be limited at first, as they will need to unlock advanced technology, build tools and weapons and upgrade their suit to survive in specific parts of the planet. As they explore, they will find zones that could be radically different from the ones they were just in and discover the unexpected.


Living the nomadic life is always full of danger and adventure. But mostly danger. Surviving on an inhabited planet is borderline impossible. Players can do it as long as they overcome radiation and poisonous atmosphere, avoid being slashed to pieces, frozen to death, eaten alive, starved and generally ended of course. Nature will fight against attempts to tame it and players will need to resolve power outages and repair facilities damaged by storms and attacks of the wildlife.

Four main character attributes

To survive in the outside world players will need to take care of four bodily attributes; health, stamina, hunger and thirst. All four affect each other.

Health is pretty straightforward, when it drops to zero, the player drops to the ground. Players can heal themselves by crafting medications, regenerate life by being well fed and watered, and partially by sleeping.

Stamina is the second most important attribute as it enables them to do all the things they do in your everyday nomadic life. Players that are well rested can run faster, but after several hours of activity they will start to slow down and once fatique really kicks in, they cannot jump or sprint at all. They can craft emergency adrenaline shots and use caffeine pills to extend the mission time, but they come at a cost and sleep is stamina’s best friend.