Planet Nomads is a sci-fi sandbox game developed by Craneballs Studios. It was Kickstarter Funded in February of 2016. Launch date has not yet been announced but is expected to be available for Steam Early Access around February of 2017. Preorder is available on the Official Website. The goal is to add multiplayer interaction, space flight, modding and even trading. The worlds are procedurally generated and made with fully destructible voxel elements.


Planet Nomads is a sandbox game of survival through building. As a lone scientist crash-landing on a beautiful, but unforgiving alien planet, your wit and craftiness will determine your fate in the upcoming days. Salvage all you can from the shipwreck and build something useful. Shelter for protection against the elements and curious creatures. Vehicle to expand your reach. When you've covered your basic survival needs, start a journey towards those strange monuments shining on the horizon, explore lairs of unknown beasts and discover places with rare materials. All in the pursuit of building a spaceship that will take you to other planets.


  • Creation, survival and exploration are equally important
  • Planet Nomads will support building on a large-scale
  • Building a spaceship capable of interplanetary travel is the first "endgame"
  • Procedurally generated strange worlds with intricate biomes
  • Open design - to easy add new mechanics and features as the game grows

Windows, MAC and Linux & VR





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