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Wiring means connecting active blocks like wheels to generators, for example the Uranium Generator.

Connect[edit | edit source]

Radial menu

To power a block, enable Build Vision, target the generator and press C. Choose Connect electricity from the radial menu, your cursor will change to a cable and plug icon.

Connect power cursor

Then click all the active blocks you want to connect. Clicking a block again will remove the connection.
Once you are done, right-click to end the connect mode.


A translucent ribbon will be shown between the generator and all connected blocks.

  • Green means that the blocks are sufficiently powered.
  • A yellow or red line means that the generator is overloaded and the blocks will not be powered. You will have to disconnect blocks from this generator and connect them to another power source.

Disconnect[edit | edit source]

Disconnecting blocks can be done in several ways:

  • To disconnect everything from a generator, select Disconnect electricity from the generator radial menu.
  • To disconnect a single block, select Disconnect electricity from the blocks radial menu.
  • To disconnect several blocks, select Connect electricity from the generator radial menu and click those blocks that are connected and should be disconnected.